HLP#010 - FIXED | Unable to create Endeca Application | EacCommunicationException

Error Statement
Caused by com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.exception.EacCommunicationException com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.application.Application setDefinition - Caught exception while defining application 'CRS'. Caused by com.endeca.eac.client.EACFault sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl newInstance0 - null

This issue usually occurs on LINUX installation, where Endeca PlatformServices is not automatically started.

1. Shut down all running endeca services (PlatformServices/ToolsAndFrameworks/CAS)
2. Make sure all the endeca environment variables are set. Example paths are below. Please change the paths/versions as per your installation.

ENDECA_ROOT D:/Endeca/PlatformServices/11.2.0
ENDECA_CONF D:/Endeca/PlatformServices/workspace
PERL5LIB D:/Endeca/PlatformServices/11.2.0/perl/lib/5.8.3
PERLLIB D:/Endeca/PlatformServices/11.2.0/perl/lib/5.8.3
3. Restart your system.
Although it is recommended to restart the system, if you dont want to do this right now, you can do the following:
for Windows: Re-open the CMD for changes to reflect
for LINUX: use the command:
source ~/.bash_profile
source /etc/profile
Depending on where you have put your environment variables.

3. Start the endeca services one by one.

Make sure you have execute permissions on LINUX before starting the scripts.
a. PlatformServices
D:/Endeca/PlatformServices/11.2.0/tools/server/bin/startup.sh [or .bat]

b. ToolsAndFrameworks
/opt/ATG/endeca/ToolsAndFrameworks/11.2.0/server/bin/workbench.sh start
Start -> Run -> services.msc (press Enter)
Search for Endeca HTTP Service. Right click (Start Or Restart)
c. CAS (Content Acquisition System)
Start -> Run -> services.msc (press Enter)
Search for Endeca CAS Service. Right click (Start Or Restart)

Once these services start running, you can try re-creating the app. You should be able to create your app successfully now. 
If you want to check, whether your services are correctly runnning, you can validate them  by checking the logs. The article on where to find the logs is HERE.

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