ART#101- Oracle ATG Story

If you ended up here as a result of misspelled search.. please leave now..

For those who curiously ended-up here, must know that ATG® (stands for Art Technology Group) and all its rights are owned by Oracle®
ATG is also called Oracle Web Commerce widely.
Okay, so now we got our "rights" stuff sorted, we can begin to explore what ATG® is.

What is ATG?

ATG® is one beast eCommerce solution which provides awesome customer experience with very very powerful features. With growing field of online shopping, ATG has emerged as one of the top eCommerce solutions in the market. With superb architecture, and enhanced object-oriented concepts, it truly is, a piece of art. 
The ATG framework provides an enormous API and tools to bring real life shopping experience online. The APIs include pre-built implementations of a lot of functionality like add/remove products to cart, checking-out the order, ability for business users to modify product attributes etc. while also providing the flexibility for customization. Whatever is pre-build in ATG is called Out-Of-The-Box (OOB or OOTB). We'll get into hows, whats and wheres soon in the later sections.

Why learn ATG here?

Well i understand you hate ATG because of the long 200-page documentations with topics scattered across various places with "taking-an-eternity-to-understand" content. I have done it and its pretty messy. Rookies to ATG who have tried reading the documentation know what i am talking about. I know what you must be thinking, this guy is simply babbling the stuff without actually giving any useful information. Well, we'll come to all the technical stuff soon you geeks!! We'll cover the ATG nailing each topic starting right from the basics in an organized manner. Remember to read the basics and you'll get the hang of it in no time. 

What all would we cover?

  1. ATG Basics and e-Commerce
  2. Topic-wise coverage by modules
  3. Setting up ATG and building the applications
  4. Interview Questions
  5. ATG Developer's Essentials Certification Guidance
Also, i would recommend downloading the official ATG documentation for some references or example. It can be downloaded HERE.

Pre-requisites to begin:

ATG requires the knowledge of intermediate level of Java/J2EE and object-oriented concepts. If you are unfamiliar with Java programming/JSPs/Servlets, I would recommend trying your hand at basic java before starting with the tutorials.
A basic knowledge of database and SQL is also required.

So enough babbling now... lets start with some real stuff!!




  1. Please share your contact Monis. i wanna connect with you.

  2. Awesome work Monis :)
    Please keep updating this blog..
    I have just started to work with ATG and the Oracle documentation is a really difficult place for a beginner to start with

    1. Hi Chirag,

      Thanks for the appreciation.
      Please share as much as possible.

  3. Hi Monis, I just started working on ATG and it has been very difficult for me to understand what's what in ATG from the Oracle Documentation. I have gone through some of your blog posts and they are very simple to understand. Keep posting and thanks for helping out the ATG community.

  4. Hi ,

    This is very important to me. Can you share ATG high level architecture diagram to me please.




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