How to setup and customize ATG 11.0 on local machine?

This chapter enables you to setup CRS and create your own module which runs on top of CRS. This chapter explains all the details step-by-step right from scratch.

It is recommended not to skip any steps, and install the exact versions of the software mentioned. Otherwise, CRS might not work correctly!

1. Setting Up Commerce Reference Store

First, we must setup Commerce Reference Store, so that the basic installation with data is done. We will build our custom module on top of CRS and deploy it later.

1. CRS#001 | Supporting Software and Configuration: Installation of JAVA, Application Server (Weblogic), Endeca and Database Configuration.

2. CRS#002 | Oracle Commerce and CRS Installation: Installation of Oracle Commerce Platform (ATG) and Commerce Reference Store.

3. CRS#003 | CIM (Configuration & Installation Manager) Configuration: Use ATG's CIM Utility to configure ATG. All the necessary steps and screenshots are included in the article.

4. CRS#004 | Additional Configuration and Indexing: Additional Weblogic & ATG Configuration, with BCC Setup, Deployment and Indexing.

2. Create and Deploy custom ATG Module

Once the CRS is setup and configured, we can start building our own ATG modules, and build them on top of CRS.

1. CRS#005 | Setup Eclipse and ATG Module: Step by Step instructions on setting up eclipse for building ATG applications using ATG Plugin. This article also describes creating a new blank ATG module, which can be later used for writing our own code.

2. CRS#006 | Creating your own Component: Create your own component for testing and configuring it to initialize it at the time of server startup.

3. CRS#007 | Assemble & Deploy your custom module: Add your custom module to the list of pre-existing CRS modules. Use this module list to assemble the ear and deploy to weblogic. Start the server and test your changes.

4. CRS#008 | Automate Server Startup using bat files: Automate the Weblogic Admin, Endeca Server, PROD and PUBLISHING (BCC) server startup by creating .bat files.

5. CRS#009 | Import CRS Code In Eclipse: Learn how to import and view CRS Code in eclipse as projects.


  1. Please mention the steps to build CRS.

  2. @ Monis Yousuf do you have any YouTube channel for ATG Course Where I can see how to setup ATG



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