HLP#008 - FIXED | Endeca IndexingException - 401 Unauthorized | Exception while submitting configuration for application

ERROR Statement: 
atg.repository.search.indexing.IndexingException: Exception while submitting configuration for application [YOUR APPLICATION NAME]

: Unable to connect to config repository on localhost:8006 with user admin, Response:HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

This error appears when ATG is trying to submit some configuration to endeca while indexing, but is unable to do so because credentials to access Endeca Workbench are invalid.
ATG knows only default credentials to endeca workbench (which is admin/admin). 
Since your workbench password is different, ATG tries to connect to Endeca Workbench using the credentials that it knows (admin/admin).
You have to update ATG with latest credentials for Endeca Workbench.

How to Fix?: 
1. Open ATG dyn/admin and login.
2. Search for the component: CredentialStoreManager
If it does not appear in search results, you can directly hit the URL:
Replace localhost by your URL/domain and port 7003 if necessary.
3. Once you open the component, you should see a screen something like this:-
4. Click on the dropdown beside the label "Action". Select "Delete Credential". Press "Select"
5. The page will reload and you will see this screen:
6. Select the radio button with "ifcr" written beside it and click "Delete Credential".
7. The credentials will be deleted.
8. Now, click on the dropdown and select "Create Login Credential". Press "Select" button.
9. The page will reload with a form. Write in the following details as present in the screenshot below:
Map Name: endecaToolsAndFrameworks
Credential Key Name: ifcr
Username: admin
10. Write the values in the form very carefully and click "Submit Credentials".
11. The page will reload, and you should get something like:

12. Now, you can retry indexing.


  1. I agree this would fix that issue but this wouldn't work on every server start up.. we have to follow this steps on every start up.. Do you have any permanent solution for that?

    1. The change is persistent. You wont have to do it every time. It is a permanent solution.

    2. But when i am doing it was not working on every server restart!!.

    3. how are you verifying the changes?

  2. Hi Monis, Whenever I am trying to access eac admin consle . It redirects to login page



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