ART#103 - Oracle ATG Applications



As we discussed earlier, ATG is an eCommerce solution which provides tools and API framework to build an eCommerce website. The functions in API are typically called Out-Of-The-Box (OOB or OOTB).

ATG has many applications, some of which are optional. These applications can be installed and configured as per the business requirements. Since Oracle ATG's version 11 has been released recently, we will be discussing the power of ATG-11!!

Some ATG Applications are:-
  1. Oracle ATG Web Commerce(a.k.a Oracle Commerce Platform): This application deals with the basic customer-facing back-end functionality. Basic eCommerce capabilities like cart, profile etc. are included in this application. This feature is mandatory to install.

  2. Oracle ATG Business Control Center(a.k.a. BCC): This application provides a wide-range of capability to the business users to manage content and catalog on the site. We will discuss more details in later sections.

  3. Oracle ATG Control Center(a.k.a ACC): This is a developer's tool which provides a UI-based interface to edit some cool ATG features like Workflows, Pipelines etc. We will cover all this in detail later.

  4. Oracle ATG Customer Service Center(a.k.a CSC): This application provides capability for customer executives to view and solve customer problems. This application mostly involves order and profile management. A customer executive should have access to this application for viewing (and in some case editing) order/profile details. For example, a customer complains that his/her order has not been delivered. He calls-up the call center, where a customer executive asks for the order-id. The executive can search for the order in the CSC application, and fetch the order details, and communicate the delivery status. It provides a wide variety of other powerful features focusing on customer care.

  5. Oracle ATG Commerce Reference Store (a.k.a. CRS): This is a sample reference application, which uses ATG out-of-the-box functionality and API, with some customization. Code for this application can also be found on oracle website. There is a lot of implementation which can be used as a reference for actual implementation on ATG.
Now that we know what ATG comprises of, we can move forward to understand how we can program in ATG.



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