ATG Interview Questions (General)

  • Qs. What is the difference between droplet and servlet? 
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions, Wipro, Accenture
  • Qs. What are different kinds of formhandlers in ATG?
    Asked By: Wipro, Accenture
  • Qs. How does TransactionalFormHandler ensure transactions when we define our custom methods in its subclass? 
    Asked By: TAISTech, Sapient, HCL
  • Qs. How to display error in JSP on FormHandler submission?
  • Qs. What is servlet pipeline in ATG? 
    Asked By: Wipro, Nvizion Solutions, TAISTech
  • Qs. What is the lifecycle of a request in ATG? 
    Asked By: Accenture, TAISTech
  • Qs. What is the first Servlet in DAF Servlet Pipeline? What does it do? 
    Asked By: Wipro, Nvizion Solutions, HCL
  • Qs. What is the difference between DAF and DAS Servlet Pipelines? 
    Asked By: Wipro, Sapient, HCL
  • Qs. Why is ForEach droplet global? 
    Asked By: Wipro, Nvizion Solutions, TAISTech, Sapient, Accenture, HCL
  • Qs. When should your droplet be non-global? 
    Asked By: HCL, Wipro
  • Qs. What is the difference between serviceParameter() and serviceLocalParameter()?
    Asked By: Accenture, Sapient
  • Qs. What should be the scope of a formhandler?
    Asked By: Sapient
  • Qs. Name any out of the box component with Session Scope.
    Asked By: Accenture, Nvizion Solutions, Wipro
  • Qs. Difference between response.sendRedirect(), response.sendLocalRedirect() and response.getRequestDispatcher().forward()
    Asked By: HCL, Nvizion Solutions, Wipro

    1. Hi Monis,

      there is small correction needed in Transactional Form Handler question. Transaction begins in beforeSet and ends in afterSet. Please correct.


      1. Hi Vishal,

        In TransactionalFormHandler, transaction begins in beforeGet() and afterGet() methods. The answer written above is correct.
        Please have a look at the ATG documentation HERE:

        According to the documentation "The transaction management occurs in the beforeGet and afterGet methods. This establishes the transaction before any of properties are set or handler methods are called, rather than in the handler methods themselves"

    2. Hi Monis Can u please explain differnce b/w JSP:Include and dsp:Include



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