ATG Interview Questions (Repository)

  • Qs. What is a repository in ATG?
  • Qs. Why do we need Repository when we have database/JDBC? 
    Asked By: Wipro, TAISTech, Sapient
  • Qs. What do you know about "data anywhere architecture" ? 
    Asked By: Wipro, HCL
  • Qs. How to create a non-versioned repository in ATG from scratch ?
  • Qs. What is "multi" table in ATG Repository? 
    Asked By: Wipro, Sapient, HCL, Nvizion Solutions, TAISTech
  • Qs. What is "multi-column-name" attribute in ATG Repository? 
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions, Wipro, TAISTech
  • Qs. What is the difference between "data-type", "component-data-type", "item-type" and "component-item-type" in ATG?
  • Qs. What are derived properties in ATG? 
    Asked By: Wipro, Sapient, Nvizion Solutions
  • Qs. Why are different types of repository cache? 
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions
  • Qs. What is ClientLockManager in ATG? 
    Asked By: Sapient, Nvizion Solutions, TAISTech
  • Qs. Do we need a ClientLockManager if none of the item-descriptors uses "locked" cache mode? 
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions, TAISTech, Sapient
  • Qs. What is ServerLockManager in ATG?
  • Qs. Name any four out of the box Repositories.
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions, Wipro
  • Qs. What are inherited properties in an ATG Repository?
  • Qs. How to query a property specific to sub-type of an item-descriptor? 
    Asked By: HCL, Nvizion Solutions, Wipro
  • Qs. Apart from xml-combine="append", what other XML combination modes are supported by ATG?
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions, Sapient
  • Qs. How to replace an entire out of the box repository without using xml-combine tags?
    Asked By: Nvizion Solutions
  • Qs. What happens if we layer a repository XML, and do not define "xml-combine" attribute?
    Asked By: HCL, Wipro
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