REP#006 - What are derived properties in ATG Repository?

Ans. Item-descriptor properties which derive their values from properties of same or some other item-desctriptor.
        <derivation method="[SOME_DERIVATION_METHOD]">

Where, [SOME_DERIVATION_METHOD] can be replaced by the some specific keywords. According to the keyword provided, one of the expression is chosen. Details on different methods can be found HERE.
In the <expression> tags, you can have some property of same item-descriptor or different item-descriptor of same property. If property of same item-descriptor(e.g property1) is used, the <expression> tags can contain that property. E.g. <expression>property1</expression>
In case the property is of another item-descriptor(say descriptor1) of same repository, the <expression> tags can be represented as <expression>descriptor1.property1</expression>

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