REP#004 - What is multi-column-name attribute in ATG item-descriptor?

Qs. What does "multi-column-name" attribute represent in an item-descriptor definition? 

Ans. "multi-column-name" attribute may be used in <table> tag when a table type is defined as "multi". When there is an ordered collection of elements represented by a property (e.g. list), we have to store the order(or sequence) of items in the list. In such a case, a new column has to be defined in the mapping table. Let us say, this column is "SEQUENCE_NUMBER". Now, in the item-descriptor's table tag, where the table is multi, we would define "multi-column-name" as "SEQUENCE_NUMBER", so that ATG automatically stores the order of the items in the list in the form of a positive integer.
See below diagram for more insight.

In above diagram, USR001 is mapped to three addresses {ADR0092,ADR0093,ADR0098}
USR002 is mapped to three addresses {ADR106,ADR108,ADR110}
In both the cases the sequence in which the addresses were added is preserved through the SEQUENCE_NUMBER column.

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