1. The Basics

Chapter#1 : ATG and E-Commerce.
This section describes how basic e-Commerce functions and how ATG implements it.
It also covers basics on how ATG functions and what is it made of.

1. ART#101 | Oracle ATG Story : Details on what is ATG and what would we cover.
2. ART#102 | Commerce Basics : Details on what is e-Commerce and how it functions.
3. ART#103 | Oracle ATG Applications : Introduction on basic ATG applications.
4. ART#104 | ATG Components : What are ATG Components and how do we create them.
5. ART#105 | Nucleus and ATG : What is nucleus, what is its use.
6. ART#106 | More on Configuration Files : Details on config-path, layering configuration files, setting properties, special characters behavior and more.
7. ART#107 | Component Scopes : What is component scope?
8. ART#108 | Extending Out Of The Box Components : How to extend out-of-the box components? WHY to extend out-of-the-box components?
9. ART#109 | What are droplets : What exactly is a droplet (or Dynamo Servlet Beans). How to create and invoke a droplet? Displaying dynamic content on JSP without using scriptlet tags.
10. ART#110 | Passing parameters from JSP to Droplet : How to pass parameters to droplets? How to return a parameter from droplet to JSP?
11. ART#111 | Some Out Of The Box Droplets : Details on out of the box droplets and how to use them.
12. ART#112 | How to create JSPs in ATG : How does a JSP function? How do we write a JSP? What do we write in a JSP? What are basic dsp tags in ATG? How to use DSP tag library?
13. ART#113 | How to use and create formhandlers in ATG : What is a form? How to create a form? How to create a formhandler from scratch? How to use OOTB formhandlers? How to extend OOTB formhandlers? How to integrate JSP FORM with your formhandler?
14. ART#114 | What is servlet pipeline in ATG? : What is servlet pipeline in ATG? Understand the concepts of DAF and DAS servlet pipelines, their differences and when to use them?
15. ART#115 | How to insert a servlet in DAF Pipeline?: How to customize and add/insert a custom servlet in DAF Servlet Pipeline. Understand what classes to extend, what methods to override and what component properties to set.
16. ART#116 | What is InsertableServlet and when to use it?: Understand the process of customization of DAF Servlet Pipeline using InsertableServlet. Learn which classes to extend, which methods to customize and what properties to set!


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