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This article will guide you through various issues, hacks, tips and tricks for ATG Application.

HLP#001- dyn/admin classpath issue.
Unable to open dyn/admin pages due to classpath issue. Resolve this issue in simple steps. FIX NOW !
  • HLP#002- Remove Weblogic password from ATG dyn/admin.
    Remove the annoying weblogic password when you open dyn/admin
    (The steps are reversible, you can enable it again). FIX NOW !
  • HLP#003- Remove ATG dyn/admin password forever!
    Remove the ATG's dyn/admin password forever.
    (The steps are reversible, you can enable it again) FIX NOW !
  • HLP#004- Debug ATG Application on weblogic using eclipse
    Configure eclipse to debug your ATG application running on weblogic. FIX NOW !
  • HLP#005- How to Revert/Reset CIM Configuration to default?
    Revert all the CIM configuration back to default in just few simple steps.
    (The steps are reversible, you can revert all the configuration again) FIX NOW !
  • HLP#006- FIXED - java.lang.SecurityException | sealing violation: package oracle.jdbc.internal is sealed
    Fix this error in few simple steps! FIX NOW !
  • HLP#007 - How to delete/remove an Endeca App?
    De-register and delete your endeca app in just few simple steps! VIEW MORE !
  • HLP#008 - 401 Unauthorized | Exception while submitting configuration for application
    This error appears when ATG is trying to submit some configuration to endeca while indexing, but is unable to do so because credentials to access Endeca Workbench are invalid. FIX NOW !
  • HLP#009 - How to Remove Endeca Indexing Bulkload logs?
    Get rid of annoying Endeca Indexing Bulkload logs, which hang the terminal Window! FIX NOW !
  • HLP#010 - Unable to create endeca application due to EACCommunicationException
    Fix the com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.exception.EacCommunicationException while creating Endeca Application. FIX NOW !

    1. I am getting an issue while configuring cim.bat file in atg.
      Error "findstr is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

      1. First navigate to D:\ATG\ATG11.0\home\bin
        then start cim using: cim.bat
        [Please change your drive letter, wherever your ATG is installed]

    2. How can i undo all database configuration after configuring everything

      1. Start cim.bat and go back to the step of database configuration. You can setup and re-import the data in the same way.

    3. Hi Monis,

      When we can conclude that the order is incomplete/corrupted order ? what are the criteria's to check ?

    4. Hi Monis,
      When will you provide documents related BCC customisation?

    5. hi, i removed the data from the repository using remove-item, can it be retrived???

    6. Anyone provide me a video tutorials for ATG?



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