CRS#005 - Create & Deploy new ATG Module on local from scratch - Part I

This article provides step-by-step process to create and deploy a new ATG Module on your local system (Windows) from scratch.

The module is created on top of ATG11.0 Commerce Reference Store (CRS). Therefore, if you have not installed and configured Commerce Reference Store, it is suggested you go back HERE and complete CRS Setup.

Now, we assume you have setup and configured ATG 11.0 Commerce Reference Store. Let us start with creating our own ATG Module!

1. Setting Up Eclipse

a. First, you have to download Eclipse Indigo Version (SR1). This version is important, as ATG plugin works only with this version of eclipse. You can download it HERE.

b. Next, you have to install ATG Plugin. To do this, Open Eclipse, go to 
Help --> Install New Software --> Add
Enter Name as "ATG_PLUGIN", Beside the location tab, press "ARCHIVE" button.
Browse to D:\ATG\ATG11.0\Eclipse. You will find a ATGSiteUpdate.jar file.

c. This plugin will be loaded in eclipse, check its checkbox and proceed with next steps to install it. Please be patient and make sure you are connected to the internet.

d. Once it is installed, it will ask for restarting eclipse. Please restart.

2. Setting Up ATG Module

a. Open eclipse, if not already open
b. Go to File --> New --> Other, and type-in "atg", it will show auto-suggestions as shown below. Click on "New ATG Module" and click NEXT.

c. Eclipse will ask for a project name. Type-in MyCustomProject, and press NEXT.

d. The screen should look like below. Press NEXT and again NEXT.

e. Your screen should look like below, press NEXT.

f. Eclipse will ask for J2EE application name, Web Application Name and context-root. Fill in the details like below.

g. Press the ADD Button and select BEA - Weblogic Server and Press OK, and then finish.

h. This will create your basic ATG structure. See the left side "Package Explorer". It should look like below:-

i. Open you ATG Directory (D:\ATG\ATG11.0). A folder for MyCustomProject should be created there, with all the subfolders (config, src, j2ee-apps etc.) which you can see in eclipse.

All your modules (Including OOTB) modules are present in D:\ATG\ATG11.0. When you create a new ATG module in eclipse, it creates the whole ATG module structure inside the same folder (D:\ATG\ATG11.0), so that ATG can easily pick it up when we assemble and deploy the application.

Now that the ATG Module is created, let us move on to customizing and deploying the new ATG module we just created.


  1. Hi,
    I followed the same Steps but in my demo project, only JRE System Library folder is there and some other jars.
    It is not showing other folders like src, config. Do i need to create it manually

    1. Please use the correct version of eclipse. ATG Plugin is not compatible with any other version of eclipse. Please use Eclipse Indigo SR1 (link is mentioned in the article)

    2. I have downloaded the correct version from the link.
      It is giving me all the options as given in article. But after project creation it is not showing folders in eclipse. But its was showing folders in C:\ATG\ATG11.0 I have changed ATG Root Directory in ATG prefrences to C:\ATG\ATG11.0 from C:\ATG\ATG11.0\home\..\ And then it appeared. Is it correct approach.

    3. Yes, the ATG ROOT Directory should always by C:\ATG\ATG11.0
      Whereas, C:\ATG\ATG11.0\home is ATG_HOME directory.

  2. MESSAGE Could not instantiate atg.eclipse.framework.extension.AppUtilsProxy is the error in log file. unable to create atg project.

    1. There is a problem with your eclipse. Please re-install.

  3. C:\ATG\ATG11.2\ the atg root directory.why two ..

    1. the atg root directory is C:\ATG\ATG11.2
      There is no ".."

  4. unable to create atg module within eclipse.I am the above version wof eclipse with atg 11.2

    1. There is a problem with your eclipse. Please re-install eclipse and its ATG plugin.



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