CRS#002 - How to Install ATG 11.0 Commerce Reference Store (CRS) on Windows? - Part II

Part II - ATG and CRS Installation

Once the basic environment is setup, you can download ATG 11.0 Setup from Please read the terms and conditions before downloading/installation. For installation of Commerce Reference Store, you need to download 
1. Oracle Commerce Platform
2. Oracle Commerce Reference Store
3. Oracle Commerce Service Centre (This is OPTIONAL)
4. Oracle Commerce ACC (This is OPTIONAL)

Once these two installers are downloaded, you can install them

1. Oracle Commerce Platform

a. Double click on the Oracle Commerce Platform installer (Version 11.0) to start the installation at location (D:\ATG\ATG11.0)
b. Proceed with the steps, and when you come across the product selection, select the following products:

c. Next, select the application server as Weblogic and proceed.

d. Select the correct directories for weblogic. Make sure the domain is your custom created one i.e. atg11 (while installing weblogic)

e. Finally, the installer will start installing.

f. Let the installation complete.

2. Oracle Commerce Reference Store Installation

a. Double click on the Oracle Commerce Reference Store Installer (Version 11.0.1) to start the installation
b. Select the correct ATG Directory (where you installed Oracle Commerce Platform in Step#1 - it should be D:\ATG\ATG11.0). This step is very important.
c. Proceed with the steps, the installer will start the CRS installation

d. Let the installation complete.
e. Once the installation completes set a new environment variable DYNAMO_HOME with the path D:\ATG\ATG11.2\home. [your ATG directory/home]
f. Set the environment variable ATGJRE to point to your JRE's java.exe
[E.g. C:\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe]

After these steps, ATG and CRS have been successfully installed. Next, we need to configure ATG using CIM (Configuration and Installation Manager) utility.


  1. when insttal Oracle Commerce Platform11.0 generate warning
    D:\atg\atg11.0\home\localconfig\dasenv.bat is Empty,
    please consult user documentation how to fill in this file manually

    How To Solve this problem?

    1. It is not a problem. This file will be configured when you configure ATG via CIM (next articles)

  2. and finally
    Congratulations! Oracle Commerce Platform 11.0 has been successfully installed to:


    Press "Done" to quit the installer.



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