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This chapter walks you through the basics of commerce, ATG framework, Nucleus and components. It also serves as a starter's step by step guide to understand and customize Components, Droplets, FormHandlers, Servlet Pipeline etc. Read More...

Chapter 2: ATG Repository Basics

This chapter describes the concepts of ATG Repositories, along with step-by-step guidelines to create, extend and inherit ATG Repositories. It also includes the process of querying the ATG Repository via various methods, along with the basics of repository cacheing. Read More...

Chapter 3: ATG Commerce

ATG Commerce talks about concepts of catalog, inventory, cart, order and checkout. In this chapter you will understand how commerce works in ATG. From setting up a catalog to adding items to cart and finishing the process flow with checkout, this chapter has it all. Basics of commerce pipeline are also included in this chapter. Read More...

Chapter 4: ATG REST MVC Framework

Learn about the basics of REST Services, How REST Services are implemented in ATG. Understand the process of understanding input and output of REST Services, with ATG REST MVC Frameworks. Deep dive into the shortcuts of implementation in ATG Rest Services....Read More...

Setup ATG on your Local Machine

Setup ATG on your local machine in simple steps. Setup ATG 11.0 Commerce Reference Store (CRS), create a custom module, and layer it on top of CRS. Assemble & Deploy your ATG application, using CIM. Automate deployment and startup using .bat files. Read More...

Help & Support

Know ATG's darkest secrets. Understand common and known issues and resolve them in easy steps. Learn new tips, tricks and hacks of ATG Commerce platform!  Read More...

ATG Interview Questions

A set of well collected questions asked in interviews by organizations which work on ATG. Questions include topics on basics, infrastructure, repository, commerce and BCC. The questions are compiled from organizations like Sapient, HCL, Wipro, Nvizion Solutions, TAISTech, Accenture etc.  Read More...


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  2. Hi Monis ,

    Is it good to choose ATG developer as per current market scenario . Will ATG have scope in future .

    1. It may become obsolete after sometime, but still its not gonna go for another 5 years. You can simultaneously learn Oracle Cloud Commerce though.

  3. Hi Monis,

    When we can conclude that the order is incomplete/corrupted order ? what are the criteria's ?



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